EP58: Jenny Tough - Go Find An Adventure

March 11, 2018

Our latest Inspired Edinburgh guest is Jenny Tough.

Jenny is an adventurer, endurance challenger, author, film maker, speaker and world traveller.

She’s travelled six continents solo, cycled around Europe, paddled through the South American jungle, ran marathons on four continents, hiked throughout Asia, trekked in Patagonia, dived with sharks, surfed in the North Sea, competed in numerous adventure races, and lived in five countries!

In 2016 she wrote her first book, ‘Keep The Sea To The Right’ which tells the tale of her solo 3,800-kilometre circumnavigation cycle of the Baltic Sea coastline and most recently she became the first person to run across Kyrgyzstan, an expedition which involved 25 days of running with a 12 kilogram rucksack, accessing ancient nomad trails high up in the Tien Shan mountains.

Her goal in sharing her adventures is to inspire people to go find their own adventure!


00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.50 When did Jenny start adventuring?

03.00 Living on a boat

04.00 Jenny’s career path

05.00 Why Jenny left the 9-5

06.20 Jenny’s lifestyle and diet

07.30 Jenny’s first big challenge

09.30 What did Jenny learn from this?

13.30 Not making emotional decisions

14.30 What does Jenny’s training look like now?

17.00 What does Jenny carry?

18.00 Jenny’s relationship with material possessions

19.30 What has been Jenny’s favourite challenge?

20.50 How does Jenny manage her mind?

22.20 Jenny’s view of ‘failure’

24.00 Jenny on her biggest failure

26.50 Women in endurance sport

29.20 Jenny on film making

31.10 How has travelling the world impacted Jenny’s worldview

32.10 What does a day in the life of Jenny look like?

33.30 Edinburgh and the access to nature

34.20 Where would Jenny like to live?

35.50 How has Jenny evolved as a person throughout her life?

38.40 Is it more common for people to follow their passion?

39.20 Is there anything Jenny would have done differently?

40.40 Jenny on her life purpose

41.30 Jenny on her legacy

42.40 What irritates Jenny?

44.15 Jenny’s life philosophy

45.00 What is Jenny most grateful for?

46.00 If Jenny could master any skill or habit, what would it be?

47.20 Jenny’s definition of success

49.50 Who inspires Jenny?

50.50 Jenny’s life goals

52.10 Jenny’s favourite podcasts

54.00 Who has had the greatest influence on Jenny?

56.00 Best piece of advice

57.00 Jenny’s views on social media

58.30 What would Jenny say to her 20 year old self?

1.00.00 Jenny’s core values

1.01.00 Changing the world


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EP57: Dan Pena - The 50 Billion Dollar Man

February 23, 2018

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have the man, the myth, the legend - Dan Pena.

Dan, also known as The 50 Billion Dollar Man, is an American born entrepreneur, philanthropist and the world's most successful high performance business success coach. 

In 1982 he founded Great Western Resources with $820 dollars and during an 8 year period in a bear market he grew it into a $450 million dollar business.

For the past 20 plus years he’s been running his eight-day Castle Seminar from his home Guthrie Castle in Scotland; teaching students his Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) methodology and has created to date somewhere in the region of 800 billion dollars in equity value amongst his mentees and devotees.

He’s the author of several books, most notably 'Your First Hundred Million, he is the recipient of countless awards and recognitions, and he was appointed by her majesty the Queen as member of the 'Order of Saint John'.

Dan pulls no punches as we discuss the influences and events that shaped him, what makes him an effective mentor, his life goals and legacy, and even the ghosts of Guthrie Castle!

This is not for the faint of heart.


00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.45 Dan’s early life and background

09.45 Dan’s parents and work ethic

22.40 How can people develop self esteem?

28.30 The changes in Brian Rose of London Real

34.00 What makes Dan an effective coach?

47.30 If Dan woke up with no money whatsoever, what’s the first thing he would do?

50.20 Dan on his biggest failure

58.40 Dan on his purpose

1.07.20 How does Dan define success?

1.08.25 How important is money to Dan?

1.11.00 Why does Dan live in Scotland?

1.12.30 The best piece of advice Dan has ever received

1.15.40 What would Dan’s 5 year old self think of him now?

1.20.00 Was Dan’s dad proud of him?

1.21.00 How do we evolve from where we are?

1.22.00 Dan on Guthrie Castle and it’s history

1.26.50 How does Dan account for ghosts?

1.28.30 What does Dan think will happen when he passes?

1.35.10 What would Dan change in the world?


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EP56: Col Gray - Rock Your Brand

February 12, 2018

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Col Gray.

One of Scotland's most respected graphic and brand designers, Col is owner and head honcho of Pixels Ink, a comic book geek, a speaker and a YouTuber.

He has a passion for branding that is as big as his beard!

With 20 years' experience under his signature baseball cap, he helps people rock their brand. By creating strong visual branding, combined with a solid brand strategy that has personality and vision, he helps Clark Kent's become Supermen and Lois Lane's become Superwomen!

We go deep on Col's background and journey, branding and content marketing, as well as his thoughts on purpose, success and legacy.


00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.10 Col’s favourite superhero

02.00 Col’s early life and background

08.45 Col’s career path

11.30 What is branding?

17.00 Good logo design

20.00 The process from Clark Kent to Superman

27.30 Dealing with perfectionism

35.00 Fiverr and Upwork disrupting logo design industry

45.30 The importance of content marketing

58.00 Speaking on camera

1.00.50 Col on his purpose

1.05.00 What would Col like his legacy to be?

1.06.40 How does Col define success?

1.11.00 Best piece of advice

1.14.40 What would Col say to his 20 year old self?

1.17.30 Col on his personal values

1.22.30 What would Col change in the world?

1.25.30 What superpower would Col have?


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EP55: Max Evans - Scotland Rugby to Dancing On Ice

February 1, 2018

Our latest inspired guest is Max Evans.

Max is a Rugby Union player with international pedigree having won 44 caps for Scotland. He earned his first cap in 2008 against Canada and scored his first try in the 2009 Six Nations Championship match against Wales. In the past ten years he had 63 appearances for Glasgow Warriors and 60 for French club side Castres.

He's also an adidas UK athelete and an ambassador for Wings For Life, a non-for-profit foundation dedicated to finding a cure for spinal cord injury and funding world-class international research.

This is an amazing conversation that covers everything from Max's background and sporting career, to the Law of Attraction and Max's purpose in life.


00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

02.20 Max’s early life and background

05.20 Being humble

07.50 We’re all energy

09.00 Max’s career path

14.20 Max reflecting on his career and The Law of Attraction

20.00 'The Secret'

21.30 Rugby - now vs then

26.00 Max on his injuries

29.00 Max on his brother Thom's injury

34.00 A day in the life - diet and training

41.30 Going into the public eye

44.40 Concerns or apprehensions

45.40 How has Max evolved as a person?

49.50 Max on his purpose

51.00 Max on his legacy

52.20 What is Max most grateful for?

53.30 Max’s gratitude practice

57.20 How does Max define success?

1.01.20 Max’s current vision board

1.04.30 Best piece of advice

1.08.00 What would Max say to his 21 year old self?

1.10.30 Max on inspiration

1.14.45 What would Max change in the world

1.19.30 How would Max change if he won the lottery?


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EP54: Sandy Kennedy - Entrepreneurial Scotland

January 22, 2018

Our latest inspired guest is Sandy Kennedy.

Sandy is the Chief Executive of Entreprenurial Scotland, an organisation that delivers world class programmes, manages a fast growing membership network and supports some of the country's most successful entrepreneurs.

He's at the forefront of a movement to inspire and develop Scotland's people to build the most entrepreneurial society in the world.

He's on the Advisory Boards of The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, M.I.T REAP Scotland, Informatics Ventures and Scottish EDGE, and he's on the Board of Social Investment Scotland.

This is a fascinating conversation with one of Scotland’s most prominent business leaders: entertaining and inspiring in equal measure!


00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

01.15 Sandy's early life and background

04.00 Sandy’s career aspirations

08.30 Was Sandy’s background beneficial for the work he now does?

10.50 How did Sandy end up becoming Chief Executive of Entrepreneurial Scotland?

18.00 Where did the vision to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world stem from?

21.15 How far have we progressed and what does the vision look like?

24.30 What role will Entrepreneurial Scotland play in this?

28.30 What can business leaders do to support this?

30.30 How has Sandy evolved as a person throughout his career?

34.50 Sandy on his purpose in life

37.20 In what way can Sandy be the best version of himself?

40.00 What would Sandy like his legacy to be?

44.15 Best piece of advice?

48.45 Does Sandy believe in fate?

50.50 What would Sandy say to his 20 year old self?

52.30 Changing the world


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EP53: James Ketchell - The Ultimate Triathlon

January 13, 2018

Our latest Inspired Edinburgh guest is James Ketchell.

James, also known as 'Captain Ketch' is an adventurer, motivational speaker and author.

On 1st February 2014 he became the first and only person on the planet to have rowed the Atlantic, summitted Mount Everest and cycled round the world.

In 2015 he published his first book 'The Ultimate Triathalon'. Bear Grylls said of it "As you read James's story, you will begin to believe that you too could achieve the extrordinary".

He's received extensive coverage in the national media and the press and his blogs have appeared in magazines including Men's Health and Sidetracked. He's an ambassador for children's charities Over The Wall and Kindled Spirit as well as The Scouts and he's recently become a fully qualified gyrocopter pilot.

A hugely inspiring conversation that explores James’ background, overcoming adversity, his adventures and thoughts on his purpose and legacy. 

If you need some inspiration in your life, look no further.


00.00 Trailer

00.18 Introduction

02.30 James' early life and background

04.20 What did James think he would do in life?

07.50 At what stage did James believe he could achieve anything he wanted?

09.00 James’ motorcycle accident

12.40 The inspiration for rowing the Atlantic

15.20 The feeling when James completed the row

23.15 How did James go from rowing the Atlantic to climbing Everest?

29.50 What was climbing Everest like?

36.50 How did James prepare for the around the world cycle?

41.40 When did James decide to write a book?

46.30 What is James most proud of?

52.50 James on his purpose

56.50 What would James’ life look like if he had accomplished all of his goals?

59.00 What would James like his legacy to be?

1.00.00 Best piece of advice

1.02.20 James’ positive habits?

1.05.30 Who inspires James?

1.08.00 What is the biggest obstacle James has overcome?

1.11.40 What would James say to his younger self?

1.12.40 What would James change in the world?


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EP52: Paul McFadden - The Millionaire Mind

January 2, 2018

Our latest Inspired Edinburgh guest is Paul McFadden.

Paul is an investor, mentor and co-founder of the ALG Property Academy.

He helps people who want to become full time property investors do so in 90 days or less.

Through his 12 month Property Protege programme he trains people how to raise unlimited finance, source property leads, develop a millionaire mindset and build seven figure property portfolios.

He also runs ALG Property Networking events throughout the UK that bring together like minded, driven individuals and guest speakers; he’s the co-host of 'This Week In Property Podcast', hard hitting real-talk on UK Property, and most recently the 'Hardcore Property Podcast'.

Paul shares his story to date, what drives him, his vision for the future as well as an abundance of knowledge and success secrets.

00.00 Trailer
00.18 Introduction
01.50 Paul’s early life and background
08.10 Paul’s entrepreneurial mindset
12.20 Paul’s path into property
20.50 Going full time in property
28.40 Paul’s longer term business vision
38.50 What drives Paul?
42.40 Paul on Dan Pena
44.10 Paul on Dan’s Castle Seminar
48.15 Paul’s success habits
55.00 What is Paul most proud of?
56.15 Paul on his purpose
58.00 Paul on his legacy
1.01.00 Paul’s favourite personal development resources
1.04.45 What skill or habit would Paul master?
1.06.00 Best piece of advice
1.07.30 Paul’s bucket list
1.08.40 Paul’s life philosophy
1.10.10 Who has had the greatest influence on Paul?
1.11.00 What would Paul say to his 20 year old self?
1.12.50 Changing the world

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EP51: Mostafa Salameh - Dreams Of A Refugee

December 24, 2017

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Mostafa Salameh.

Mostafa is one of only 16 people on the planet to have completed the ‘Explorers Grand Slam’, a truly astonishing feat which involves climbing the Seven highest Summits in all seven continents as well as conquering the North and South Poles.

His journey began in 2004 following a vivid dream in which he was reciting the call to prayer from the world’s highest peak. He followed this calling and became the first Jordanian to climb Mount Everest in 2008 and in the same year was knighted by King Abdullah II of Jordan. 

Four years into his sporting career he made a conscious decision to climb for a purpose. In the spirit of helping those in need, he launched three successful initiatives that raised millions for charity.

In March 2016, he published his first book titled ‘Dreams of a Refugee’ and a large part of his time is now passionately invested in inspiring and motivating children, youths and adults into realizing their own dreams in the same way he has.

Without question one of the most inspiring people we’ve had the honour of speaking with.


00.00 Trailer

00.13 Introduction

01.40 Reflecting on achievements

02.30 What does the city of Edinburgh mean to Mostafa?

03.20 Mostafa’s early life and growing up

10.00 Mostafa’s career ambitions and aspirations

11.40 How did Mostafa’s career path change?

30.30 Did Mostafa ever have any doubts?

36.30 When did Mostafa decide to tackle the North and South Poles?

45.30 Mostafa’s future plans

50.20 What does Mostafa feel is his purpose?

55.00 What would Mostafa like his legacy to be?

55.45 What is Mostafa most grateful for?

56.50 Who are the people that have influenced and inspired Mostafa?

1.01.00 Improving the situation with Islamic extremism

1.03.50 Best piece of advice

1.05.30 How does Mostafa define success?

1.06.10 Speaking to 20 year old self

1.06.50 Changing the world 

1.09.50 Mostafa’s greatest achievement


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EP50: Tad Hargrave - Marketing For Hippies

December 16, 2017

This week we celebrate a half century of Inspired Edinburgh episodes with Tad Hargrave.

Tad is a speaker, author, coach and Founder of Marketing for Hippies.

For almost a decade, he has been touring his marketing workshops around Canada and beyond, bringing refreshing and unorthodox ideas to conscious entrepreneurs and green businesses to help them grow, without selling their souls.

In January 2014 he launched NichingSpiral.com; a website dedicated to help conscious entrepreneurs figure out the difficult, yet vital question - “What is my niche?”.

He's also co-founder of 'The Local Good', a hub that helps the people of Edmonton live a more local and green lifestyle, and his work has featured in magazines, journals, newspapers and nationally on the radio.

This is without question one our most powerful and consciousness-altering conversations to date - an absolute must hear!


00.00 Trailer

00.15 Introduction

01.30 Tad growing up

02.20 Were Tad’s parents hippies?

02.50 What does 'conscious entrepreneur' mean to Tad?

03.50 Tad’s career path

06.00 Tad’s political views

08.40 What does Tad teach people around money?

13.40 How can people market themselves better?

18.50 How can people find their niche?

25.50 What has been Tad’s approach to marketing himself?

30.50 'Pay what you can' model

35.00 How is it not disappointing when Tad if underpaid?

38.20 What are the events or experiences that have made Tad how he is?

45.20 If we were to set up life on another planet and Tad was in charge, what would it look like?

48.30 What does Tad feel is his purpose?

52.50 Tad’s thoughts on his legacy

1.04.00 Best piece of advice

1.07.30 What would Tad say to his 20 year old self?

1.13.30 What would Tad change in the world?


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EP49: Lily Asch - Storytelling For Mental Health

December 9, 2017

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Lily Asch.

Lily is a mental health advocate, storyteller and social entrepreneur. 

As a teenager she was considered ‘unsafe to self’ and admitted to a psychiatric ward. For a long time she was ashamed of her experience, until she opened up and discovered the power of conversation.

Having gained experience working with the likes of FreshSight and TEDx University of Edinburgh she's since gone on to found Real Talk, a social enterprise dedicated to mental health storytelling and wellbeing. Real Talk supports individuals in connecting to their narrative around experiences of mental ill health and crafts safe spaces for these stories to be shared to an audience, fostering conversation and connection. 

We talk about her background, her mental health journey, the vision for Real Talk, her views on mental health today, as well as our favourite topics - legacy, purpose and changing the world.


00.00 Trailer

00.15 Introduction

01.30 Lily growing up

03.00 Schooling in the US

05.00 Lily’s earliest mental health experiences

07.20 What led to Lily being taken to a psychiatric ward?

09.50 How was Lily labelled ‘unsafe to self’?

12.00 What was the ward like?

15.00 Does Lily think she should have been there?

17.15 What was the recovery process?

19.50 Lily’s self education around emotional awareness

22.30 How did Lily end up in Edinburgh?

24.40 Ways Edinburgh differs from the US

27.00 How did Real Talk come about?

30.00 How does Real Talk work and what is the format?

32.00 What does storytelling mean to Lily?

33.40 What is the vision for Real Talk?

36.00 Lily’s views on mental health today

39.00 Technology effects on mental health

40.20 Doing TED talks

42.15 Speaking advice

45.00 Lily on her purpose

46.30 Lily on legacy

47.20 What is Lily most grateful for in life?

47.50 If Lily could master a skill what would it be?

49.10 How does Lily define success?

50.20 Is Lily successful now?

51.20 Who or what inspires Lily?

52.50 Lily’s life goals

55.45 Best piece of advice

56.45 What would Lily say to her 14 year old self

57.20 Changing the world


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